Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hitchens: do you regard any of the world's religions to be false? Can you name one?

Craig: Islam

Hitchens: Is it immoral to preach a false religion to a babv?

Craig: I believe so.

Hitchens: If I was born in an Islamic nation would you rather have me be an atheist or a Muslim?

Craig: I have no preference either way.


  1. I think Craig's answer might have stopped Hitch's train on that one.

  2. Would you prefer to get to a point?

  3. Yeah maybe... really wish I could see it.

    Are there more rebuttals after this or no?

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen with Hitchens that The New Atheism = the pointless Atheism

  5. Hitchens is expecting him to get flustered and he's not biting

  6. I think at this point Hitchens may just be trying to save some face...

  7. I love the whole "Religion is child abuse" grabage that the new atheists are throwing out there. Could you tell the nice folks at home how it is not abusive to children to tell them that they have no objective worth, they are the chemical by-products of evolution, and that their lives are ultimately pointless? Furthermore, could you tell us how it is child abuse to tell kids that they are made in the image of God and thereby have inherent value and their lives are meaningful as part of the unfolding of a gracious God's plan?

  8. Has anyone tried to read any of Hitchens' books?


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