Saturday, April 4, 2009


To Hitchens: you said that the most violence had its basis in religion, but look at the atomic bomb - that was discovered by physicists. How you you react to that destruction?

Hitchens: The discovery of how such things work have no basis on how they are used. Look at the Biblical story of the Amalekites - people were commanded to wipe them out.

Hewitt: What do you make of the evil acts of atheistic regimes such as the Soviet Union?

Craig: I don't think that you can asses the truth of a worldview by arguing about it's social impact. That doesn't determine truth.

Hitchens: I completely concur with that, but I did note that those evil commands of God are noted in the Bible.

Craig: This is an issue not of the existence of God, but an issue dealing with biblical inerrancy.


  1. has a good study on the Amelekite issue.

  2. Atheists killed 200 million people in 20th century due to their natural selection wars.

  3. "This is an issue not of the existence of God, but an issue dealing with biblical inerrancy." I don't see it that way. It's not about the inerrancy of those accounts in the Bible, whether they really happened that way. The challenge raised is one of whether or not there might have been good reasons to do those things int he Old Testament. But beyond that, Craig is correct that it's a distraction from the question of whether or not there is good evidence for theism.


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