Saturday, April 4, 2009

The failure of Christian cosmology

Christianity has a terrible track record in cosmology.

Fine tuning is a claim based on extremely limited evidence. Most physicists are extremely uncertain about the actual events of the Big Bang.

How can fine-tuning account for the enormous destruction of enormous swaths of the universe - black holes, etc.?


  1. He hasn't read Gonzalez(sp?).

  2. Destruction of starts releases heavy elements into the universe that contribute to the building block of life or something like that. It's all rather convenient for being the result of random yadda ya

  3. Why has Hitchens failed to address the arguments put forth by Craig? Clearly, Hitchens is up to his old tactics, attacking Christianity, not arguing philosophically.

  4. * of stars

    IIRC it's carbon and other heavy elements

  5. Christianity has a terrible track record in cosmology?

    Anyone up to tell me who formulated the big bang theory?

  6. umm let me think..oh, a priest.


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