Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rebuttal 1 - Craig

Hitchens noted that he has no positive argument for the nonexistence of God.

He mentioned evolution,m but the concept of biological evolution has no bearing on whether a god exists. Genesis 1 does not mention the way God created biological beings, but holding to such is not to the point. If I object to evolution, it is on a scientific basis not a biblical one.

However, the atheist is not left with such a choice. evolution is the only choice left to him. Mr. Hitchens says "Why did God wait so long? All that wasted time!" But God has unlimited resources and unlimited time, so that doesn't make the objection tenable.


  1. duh dunnudah!!! Craig... is here to save the day!

    I'm way too excited about this debate.

  2. Granted that God did wait so long... so what? Does he expect to prove God's non-existence using that bogus argument?


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