Saturday, April 4, 2009


Welcome everyone to the real-time blog capturing the debate between Christopher Hitchens and William Lane Craig on the question: "Does God Exist?"

We will be encapsulating the remarks from the debate floor as they happen, so you can read all the main arguments and objections from each of our participants tonight. In the next few days, we will also make recordings of the debate available for purchase. if you haven't done so, please sign up at for email updates as to when these items will be available.

The debate is being held at Biola University. It is hosted by Craig Hazen with Hugh Hewitt as the moderator. The debate will begin at 7:30 PM Pacific Daylight time.


  1. I won't be staying up all night here in the UK to listen as I wouldn't be fit for church in the morning, but look forward to catching it another time!

    For those interested in an in-depth interview with Craig visit my show with him at{C1F284FC-7410-4ECA-AC4B-31C89A2866F7}

    get the podcast at

  2. Thanks heaps for doing this.

    The debate starts at 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon in New Zealand so we will definately be sticking around for the long haul without fear of sleep loss!

  3. This should be fun, in a pass-the-popcorn sort of way. I really can't get too excited about it from a debate standpoint, though: Hitchens has no idea how to frame an argument. I wonder why people on his side keep asking him to do these debates...?

  4. It'd be great to see Dawkins and/or Harris debate Craig.

  5. Does anyone really expect any new arguments from the atheist side?

  6. Basically the entire Atheist argument is:

    I don't like God.
    Therefore, God doesn't exist.

    May the Lord bless Dr. Craig in His debate. Soli Deo Gloria!


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