Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cross Examination: Craig to Hitchens

Craig: You make a distinction between theism and a-theism, but how do you distinguish between the various positions of nonbelief in god - atheism, agnosticism, or verificationism.


Craig: Which do you hold to?

Hitchens: I'm a great admirer of Huxley, but I don't like this term.

Craig: but what is your view?

Hitchens: I've never seen any positive evidence for the existence of God I'll go so far as to say that God does not exist-

Craig: OK - do you have any justification for that?

Hitchens:I find any arguments in favor to be fallacious or unconvincing.


  1. in that blank spot, was there meant to be some text there?

  2. man, good job Lenny Esposito...

  3. You can can't make a logical inference from a lack of evidence.

    1. I've never seen any evidence for a platypus.
    2. Therefore, platypus' do not exist.


  4. Forrest, probably just wasn't able to catch it all -

  5. I think we're beginning to see that Hitchens doesn't disbelieve God for logical but instead probably for emotional reasons. I've noticed this is usually the case with athiests.

  6. alright thanks randall :) this is a really good debate!

  7. Hitchens is certainly as closed-minded as he would accuse Christians of being.


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